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Cranberry Area Transit Study
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The Cranberry Area Transit Study was completed in December 2004. The study process was driven by the public. During the course of the Study, various tasks were undertaken, including the identification and assessment of transit needs; the development of a long list of service concepts and correspondingly the identification of evaluation criteria; and, the identification of a preferred service concept. The end result of the study has been the endorsement by the Steering Committee of a two stage implementation plan including a demonstration program to test the service concept which, if successful, would be followed by a long term plan for continued service.

Phase Timeframe
Needs Identification Assessment Feb - Mar 2004
Long List of Transit Service Concepts April - May 2004
Screen Service Concepts June- Aug 2004

Locally Preferred Service Concept/Implementation Plan

  • Funding
  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Organizational
  • Service and Capital Plan
Sept - Nov 2004


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