COVID-19 Hospitality Recovery Program (CHIRP) Grants

At this time Allegheny County (as of 3/29), Butler County (as of 3/31), and Indiana County (as of 4/23) are no longer accepting applications for the CHIRP program.We hope to have additional grant programs in the near future to support your business.


If your hospitality business has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, your business may be eligible to receive grant funding. For approved applications and businesses, grants will be issued in $5,000 increments.

This is a grant program, not a loan and funds do not need to be repaid. 

Funds are limited and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  Applications are not time-stamped as complete until all necessary documents are provided. Please review the below program information and application instructions.

CHIRP Grant Eligibility

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC) is receiving applications and processing grants on behalf of Butler, Indiana and Greene counties via this webpage. If your business is located outside of these counties, please visit your county website to be directed to their application.

Please read this information in its entirety before clicking the link below to access the application.

  1. Please note that eligible businesses must operate under a primary NAICS code beginning with 721 or 722. If you do not operate under those NAICS codes, your business will not qualify for this grant under the current requirements.
  2. Your business must also demonstrate at least a 25% reduction in revenue between 2019 and 2020.

Note: Grant awards may not be used to pay the same eligible operating expenses for which an eligible business received payment, reimbursement or loan forgiveness from any of the following:

  • The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, commonly known as the CARES Act (Public Law 116-136, 134 Stat. 281)
  • The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (Public Law 116-260, 134 Stat. 1182)
  • The COVID-19 Emergency Supplement to the General Appropriation Act of 2019 (Act 2A of 2020)
  • Greene County Forgivable Advance for Small Businesses (FASBA)

Note: This means that you are not permitted to use a CHIRP Revenue Recovery grant to pay for expenses that are currently being paid with the proceeds of a Paycheck Protection Program loan, Economic Injury Disaster Loan, or any other loan/grant program funded via the legislation listed above.

If you received funding from one of the aforementioned programs, but that funding has been completely exhausted, you may still qualify for a CHIRP grant.  SPC a will need brief statement providing information on the following:

  1. When the funds were awarded
  2. What they were used for and
  3. When those funds were completely exhausted.

CHIRP Grant Application Download


CHIRP Grant Application Download

Please click to download the CHIRP Grant Application

How to Digitally Sign your Application

Please click to download instructions on how to digitally sign your application

Once you have completed your grant application, please email it to

After Application Submission

Next steps:  If your business is deemed eligible, and your application is both complete and correct, SPC will contact you within 3-5 business days and move forward with the grant agreement and disbursement process directions.

Reminder: Grant dollars are very limited and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until funds are obligated. This will occur quickly, so please read all instructions and apply with the necessary documentation listed on the application. 

As stated in Pennsylvania Act 1 of 2021, Priority status will be given to complete applications that

  1. Were subject to Governor mandated shut-down and forced to close temporarily
  2. Had a 50% or greater loss in revenue
  3. Have not received any prior financial support via PPP, EIDL

If you have any questions, please email and we will get back with you in the order in which it was received.

In the event that your business is not eligible for a CHIRP grant, you may qualify for financial assistance from the Barstool Fund, or the PA 30 Day Fund.  Finally, if you have not already taken a first or second draw Paycheck Protection Program loan, your business may qualify for assistance under that program as well.