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Regional Park-n-Ride Facilities

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A Park-n-Ride Facility is a designated area where automobile drivers park their vehicles or commuters can be dropped off and then board public transit vehicles, or meet their carpool or vanpool group to travel to their destinations.

The CommuteInfo website has detailed information on each park-n-ride facility located in the 10-county SPC region.  Information includes the physical characteristics and transit service offered at each facility. A map and directions are also provided.  Some facilities are reserved for transit riders only.

Click a county for larger county map and list of park-n-ride facilities.

Regional Park-n-Ride Facilities Image Map:  Click A County For Larger County Map And List Of Park-n-Ride Facilities No Facilities in Greene County As Of Now Fayette County Park-n-Ride Facilities Armstrong County Park-n-Ride Facilities Washington County Park-n-Ride Facilities Westmoreland County Park-n-Ride Facilities Allegheny County Park-n-Ride Facilities Beaver County Park-n-Ride Facilities Indiana County Park-n-Ride Facilities Butler County Park-n-Ride Facilities Lawrence County Park-n-Ride Facilities Lawrence County Park-n-Ride Facilities

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Franklin Park Municipal Bldg-W Ingomar Rd-Franklin Park Boro
Spring Garden Loop-Spring Garden Ave-Spring Garden

Tarentum-4th at Ross St-Tarentum Boro

62nd St-Under Rt 8 at Rt 28 Ramps-Sharpsburg

McKeesport Transportation Center Lysle Blvd-McKeesport

Muldowney-Muldowney Ave at Interboro Ave-Lincoln Place