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Butler County Park-n-Ride Facilities
Click the dots on the map for detailed park-n-ride information.

Butler County Park-n-Ride Facilities:  Click On A Number To View Detailed Park-n-Ride Information 11 123 45 42 40 44 41 43 153 154 152

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This information is intended to describe the physical characteristics and the transit service offered at each park-n-ride facility. Some facilities fill up early each morning. Specific information regarding available capacity should be obtained by contacting the owner/operator of the facility.   A Park-n-Ride facility is a designated area where automobile drivers park their vehicles and then board public transit vehicles, or meet their carpool or vanpool group to travel to their destinations. Certain facilities are designated for transit riders only. Please do not use these facilities for carpool or vanpool parking.

Butler County Park-n-Ride Facilities

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Clearview Mart Flea Market-N Main St-Butler

Currie Rd off Rt 422-Muddy Creek Twp

Trinity Lutheran Church-Rt308 at Hendricks Rd-Butler

McConnells Mills-Rt 19 at Rt 422-Muddy Creek Township