Public Participation Meetings/Panels

Public Notice

Notice Of Public Comment Period And Public Meetings

all comments must be received by Friday, June 9th at 4 P.M.

Public Participation Panel Guidebook

SPC maintains Public Participation Panels (PPPs) for each county in its transportation planning region. Residents do not need to travel outside their own county to address SPC. PPP meetings are open to the public. Appointed Members represent the population of their respective counties in regards to age, income, ethnicity, special needs, and special interests. Members help to “get the word out” about what they learn at meetings to the groups they represent. They also assist SPC by reaching out to involve the general public.

PPPs meet on an as-needed basis, generally when a major document (such as the long-range plan, the TIP, or the Air Quality Report) is under public review. When meetings are scheduled, they are listed on our Events page.

Public Participation Panel Meetings

Public Participation Panel Meeting Recordings

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