The Corporation

The Corporation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, accounts for all funds, enters into contracts, and employs a staff to support the Commission’s work.  Our operations are funded through a combination of federal and state planning grants, SPC member contributions, in-kind service contributions, and grants from private foundations to support various transportation planning and economic development projects. Resources are applied to the core functions including our daily administrative, operational and programmatic work.

We employ a professional staff to carry out the day-to-day work of the Commission.  Our staff represents an invaluable resource in a wide range of policy and program areas, with expertise in transportation planning, strategic planning, economic development, financing, government contracting, exporting, technical assistance, Geographic Information Systems, and data management.


Pat Fabian
Armstrong County Commissioner

Vince Vicites
Fayette County Commissioner

Rich Fitzgerald
President and CEO

Ailisa Sobien

Board of Directors

Sara Innamorato
Allegheny County Executive

Pat Fabian
Chair, Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission
Armstrong County Commissioner

Daniel C. Camp, III
Chair of the Beaver County Commissioners

Leslie Osche
Chair of the Butler County Commissioners

Vincent A. Vicites
Vice-Chair, Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission
First Vice-Chair of the Fayette County Commissioners

Betsy McClure
Vice-Chair, Greene County Commissioners

Robin Gorman
Indiana County Commissioner

Daniel Kennedy
Lawrence County Commissioner

Mayor Ed Gainey

Nick Sherman
Washington County Commissioner

Sean Kertes
Westmoreland County Commissioner