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Our new Regional Data Center is currently in development. If you are in need of a document not listed below, please contact Bob Schwartz at for assistance.

SPC is an affiliate of the Pennsylvania State Data Center.


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Numeric Change in the Resident Population
2010 to 2020

The Census Bureau completed response collection for the 2020 Census on October 15

2020 Census Response Rate by Census Tract

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Chuck Imbrogno
Manager, Models/Data Analysis
(412) 391-5590 x319
Kristin Baum
Senior Data Analyst
(412) 391-5590 x329
Bob Schwartz
Data Administrator
(412) 391-5590 x336
Belachew Ayele
Data Analyst
(412) 391-5590 x371
Erika Eagan
Data Analyst
(412) 391-5590 x364
Dan Bernazzoli
Data Analyst
(412) 391-5590 x346
Cathy Tulley
Data Analyst
(412) 391-5590 x376