SmartMoves: Long Range Plan & Transportation Improvement Program

SmartMoves for a Changing Region

In June 2019 SPC adopted the region’s official long range transportation plan—SmartMoves for a Changing Region—which includes over $35 billion for the region’s transportation priorities over 25 years.  SmartMoves prioritizes programs and projects that advance the Regional Vision of a world-class, safe and well maintained, integrated transportation system that provides mobility for all, enables resilient communities, and supports a globally competitive economy.

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Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The region’s long range transportation plan is implemented with a series of shorter-term investment programs, known as Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs).  The 2019-2022 TIP invests over $4.9 billion in our region’s transportation system over the next four years:

  • Over $2 billion will be spent on public transit
  • Over $1.7 billion will go toward road and bridge projects
  • Over $1 billion will go toward Interstates, railways and other major projects

Publications and Resources