Operations & Safety

Revitalization and redevelopment of existing communities is a priority. Our Ops/Safety programs actively help to manage and operate the region’s transportation system, allowing it to function at its full potential. Transportation and development choices prioritize safe and secure multimodal and intermodal networks for people and goods.

Congestion Management Process

Federal transportation legislation requires that each metropolitan planning area in the United States have a Congestion Management Process, or CMP.  The CMP is a regional program to address and manage congestion within the 10-county Southwestern Pennsylvania region in order to facilitate the movement of people and goods.

The goal of the CMP is to provide information that helps transportation planners, professionals and others to understand the overall congestion climate in individual corridors and the region. Data on the congestion climate helps SPC, in partnership with other agencies, to formulate congestion management strategies. Data and information from the CMP benefits the transportation planning process by helping the region focus limited federal transportation dollars where they can have the greatest impact.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

SPC participates in statewide and national discussions concerning advancements in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), including a statewide connected and autonomous vehicle work group on emerging technologies.


Regional Operations Plan

SPC continues to work with our partners to implement initiatives from the seven priority areas contained in the 2019 Regional Operations Plan.


Regional Traffic Signal Program

SPC’s Regional Traffic Signal Program provides technical assistance, and potential funding to municipalities throughout our region.

The overall benefits of the program can be summarized in the benefit: cost ratio of 64:1. For every dollar of public money invested in the program, the traveling public and the surrounding communities realize $64 of benefits in reduced fuel usage, delay, and emissions.

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Safety Planning

We have adopted the statewide performance target established by PennDOT of a 2% reduction per year across the following five measures:

  • Number of fatalities (all public roads)
  • Rate of fatalities (all public roads, per 100 million vehicle miles traveled)
  • Number of serious injuries (all public roads)
  • Rate of serious injuries (all public roads, per 100 million vehicle miles traveled)
  • Number of non-motorized fatalities and serious injuries (all public roads)

For additional information visit PennDOT’s Safety Program


Road Safety Audits

We have developed a RSA program for Southwestern Pennsylvania as part of our Transportation Operations and Safety planning efforts.  Road Safety Audits examine of existing or future roads using an independent, multidisciplinary team to identify potential road safety issues and opportunities for proactive safety improvements. SPC integrates safety evaluations into managed funding programs.


Traffic Incident Management

To help regional organizations enhance the delivery of traffic incident management services and products, we facilitate a dialogue between practitioners across several disciplines.


Operations & Safety Contacts

Domenic D'Andrea
Manager, Transportation Operations and Safety
(412) 391-5590 x341
Evan Schoss
Transportation Planner
(412) 391-5590 x338
Josh Spano
Transportation Planner
(412) 391-5590 x362