GIS Center

We provide GIS data to our planning partners, transportation agencies, transit operators, consulting firms, businesses, environmental agencies, and various offices of federal, state, county, and municipal government.

We have one of the largest collections of comprehensive GIS data in the 10-county region.


Open Data ArcGIS Hub

SPC has assembled one of the largest data catalogs in the region to assist with transportation, planning, and economic development.

Information Systems Contacts

Kirk Brethauer
Director, Information Systems
(412) 391-5590 x347
Cort McCombs
Manager, Traffic Count Program
(412) 391-5590 x330
Jim Anderson
GIS Technician
(412) 391-5590 x304
Michael Baum
Transportation Technician
(412) 391-5590 x342
Andrew Clevenger
Transportation Technician
(412) 391-5590 x335
Racheal Diehl
Graphic Design Specialist
(412) 391-5590 x331
Robert Gobert
Transportation Technician
(412) 391-5590 x344
Chris Jaros
GIS Analyst
(412) 391-5590 x349
Stephanie Kambic
GIS Analyst
(412) 391-5590 x303
Dee Pamplin
Administrative Assistant
(412) 391-5590 x301