Equity in Planning at SPC

At every opportunity, our organization strives to expand accessibility for and investment in all communities, with a focus on Environmental Justice and other disadvantaged communities as identified by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and several subsequent Executive Orders, along with communities our organization identified as underserved in the Southwestern Pennsylvania Region (all referred to together as “communities of concern”).

Our Equity Program advances the tenets of the region’s Long-Range Plan, Smart Moves, which names equity as a central component to the region’s goals. We maintain up-to-date mapping (with current census data), to identify communities of concern in the 10-county Southwestern Pennsylvania region. These communities are notated through Environmental Justice and Title VI mandates, but also through indicators brought forward through the public planning process, such as households without high-speed internet or without access to a vehicle.

This data-driven process informs several planning efforts at SPC, including the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP), and the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRP), both of which include a burdens and benefits analysis of populations based on investment of federal funds. It also informs and is expanded upon in several other planning documents listed below. Additionally, SPC prioritizes equity in all public involvement processes.

SPC Equity Map

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Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool.

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To identify Justice40 communities, SPC uses the Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool.

Explore Equity in our Policies and Planning Documents

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