Courtney Cowell

Commercial Loan Servicer

Courtney joined the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission in early 2024. As a Commercial Loan Servicer in the Economic and Workforce Development department, Courtney interviews loan applicants (like small businesses) to determine eligibility, offer additional resources and information, and obtains financial data to assist applicants with their applications. As part of that work, she prepares and verifies loan applications, closing documents, legal documents, letters, forms, funding agency notices, invoices, meeting agendas, meeting notices, and checks. She serves as liaison between funding agencies, banks, and potential loan recipients to provide information and assistance. She will coordinate and attend loan closings, and processes financial transactions, payments, fees, escrow accounts, payoffs and disbursement of funds. Additionally, Courtney assists in reporting and compliance measures in accordance with the funding agency and legal requirements. She also maintains our organization’s notary public status and monitors records regarding collateral lien positions and insurance requirements. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.