Jennifer Lasser

Director, Workforce & Economic Development

Jenn joined the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission in 2019. As the Director of Economic & Workforce Development, she oversees the department’s activities to ensure that our team of subject matter experts are working on and supporting initiatives that benefit the 10 county region. The department’s initiatives include providing small businesses support with a focus on export assistance, business lending, government procurement, regional planning, and grant technical assistance. Under her leadership, our organization serves as the administrator for state and federal programs under DCED, PREP, and ARC for the region. Specifically, Jenn is responsible for facilitating the development of the region’s comprehensive economic development strategy (CEDS) and related workforce plans/programs for community and economic development for our federal and state partners. She is also the project lead for the Build Back Better funding that has been allocated to this region, which includes $24 million in federal funding that is being used toward training and employing thousands of individuals for robotics-related careers. Additionally, Jenn collaborates and maintains relationships with local and state legislators, public stakeholders, industry partners, federal designees, economic development professionals, workforce development boards and education partners to deliver and create programming that meet the needs of the region on areas of workforce, equity, infrastructure and economic competitiveness. Jenn has a Workforce Development Professional Certification from the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals. She has a Bachelor’s degree in History/Pre-Law from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Central Florida.