Kirk Brethauer

Director, Information & Data

Kirk joined the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission in 1993. As the Director of Information and Data, Kirk oversees a team of 10 staff members that specialize in creating maps and data models that support the projects and plans our organization executes on behalf of the region. Kirk also manages our organization’s computer systems and IT functionality. He also ensures that demographics, economic and business conditions, environmental features, traffic statistics and built infrastructure are a part of the maps and data models that our team creates. This type of information is used not only by our team members when they are drafting plans, but local governments, officials, and planning partners rely on our vast resources of maps and data models when they are developing the economic and transportation priorities for the region. Our organization’s Geographic Information System (GIS) contains over 100 maps with custom tools that showcase the region’s infrastructure assets like trails, roads, and bridges.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography with a dual emphasis in Geographic Information Systems and Regional Planning from Penn State University.