Tour showcases county’s economic development

Scenic Photo of Butler PA

Through a multiple-stop tour Friday, Butler County officials welcomed Vincent Valdes, the new executive director of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission.

According to a county news release Friday, Butler County officials, including the county commissioners, ushered Valdes and U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, R-16th, through stops including construction work improving the Route 228 corridor and the UPMC Sports Complex, the Pittsburgh Penguins practice site, in Cranberry Township.

“We’re in such an expansion mode,” said Kelly about the growth of the county.

Mark Gordon, Butler County chief of economic development and planning, said the tour was to welcome Valdes to the region and showcase the county’s economic development.

“We wanted to show the diversity of the county,” Gordon said.

The tour began with a presentation in the Cranberry Township municipal building.

“I think it’s remarkable what I’ve seen here,” Valdes said. “I’m taken by the vision.”

The commission secures funding for projects such as the Gateway 228 Project. Valdes stressed the importance of local governments to execute the planning, which includes providing matching funding needed to move projects forward. He praised the work done by the county and municipalities.

“I can see a fruitful partnership with the SPC,” Valdes said.

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