SmartMoves Connections: A Regional Vision for Public Transit

Downtown Washington PA from the intersection of East and West Beau Street

With SmartMoves Connections, SPC presents a new approach to regional transit planning—one based on locating the Transit Supportive Land Uses already present in our region. Using a Machine Learning analysis of aerial photography and travel data, SmartMoves Connections maps the clusters of land with multimodal potential. These are put into six categories where Multimodal Hubs and Multimodal Corridors could be good mobility options.

A Multimodal Hub is a facility where mobility services can connect together—such as Park-and-Ride, bike lockers, scooter-share or paratransit—along with public transit service. These Hubs allow seamless connections between the parts of a person’s trip and enable new kinds of trips, even across county borders or on multiple transit services.

Multimodal Corridors improve the speed and reliability of transit service with improvements like Transit Signal Priority, exclusive bus lanes, queue jump turn lanes, protected bike lanes and improved stations. With the SmartMoves Connections Cluster Map, you can see what multimodal improvements would work best for the place you are interested in. To learn more, download the report or view the story map .

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