SPC launches re-vamped Regional Data Center

Nighttime photo of Pittsburgh with the Point in the foreground

SPC is excited to announce our Regional Data Center web presence has received a complete overhaul and re-design!

Data-driven and casual users alike will now find a wealth of on-demand and fully customizable options to access a variety of data from the U.S. Census Bureau and other sources for information focused on the Southwestern Pennsylvania Region.

Auto-generated PDF, excel, csv, and html file export options offer complete flexibility on how our users want their data delivered.

Regional data is presented in detailed, interactive Census profiles, a series of prebuilt tables, and a Data Navigator tool that allows the user to build customized data tables.

Visualizations are also included in the form of Tableau dashboards and Data Tidbits content that highlight key data for the SPC region.

View the new RDC at: www.spcregion.org/resources-tools/regional-data-center/