New Castle News: Frye gives update on paving, street lights in city

Those driving around New Castle, particularly downtown, may have noticed traffic lights are being installed on power poles.

According to city Administrator Chris Frye, the reason for this is simple — it’s the way of the future, at least according to PennDOT. Penn-DOT and the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission are working to gradually replace all traffic lights over the next year with the lights on the poles.

“They’re trying to do away with stop lights on hanging wires,” Frye said.

Frye said more details on the stop lights will be released in the future by PennDOT and the SPC.

Frye also gave an update on paving work as part of the 2023 paving project.

The city is spending nearly $1.2 million on paving this year to be done by Wampum-based Youngblood Paving.

The streets paved so far are Blaine Street, East Northview Avenue, Fairmont Avenue, Glendale Avenue, Moody Avenue, Sheridan Avenue, areas on Croton, Cascade Street, Laurel Place and Dewey Avenue, with Frye noting there is an area on East Northview Avenue that Youngblood has to fix.

The streets that are marked and ready to be milled and paved are Lacock Street, 3rd Street, Almira Avenue, Frank Avenue, Gibson Avenue, Hazel Avenue, Vogan Avenue, Williams Street and South Jefferson Street.

Streets that still need to be marked for paving work are Cumberland Avenue, East Miller Avenue, Lawrence Street and East Lutton Street.

Frye said People’s Natural Gas is currently doing work on Emery Street, Englewood Avenue, Fairfield Avenue, McCleary Street and North Mercer Street, while the company will pave Carlisle Avenue from Euclid Avenue to Clen Moore Boulevard.

He also said planned paving work on East North Street, East Terrace Avenue, Marshall Avenue and West Chartes Street had to be removed due to planned gas company work in the future.

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