WTAE-TV: PennDOT announces three bridge repair projects in Pittsburgh

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced that the Fort Duquesne Bridge, the West End Bridge and the McKees Rocks Bridge will all undergo major repair work that will last several years, at a cost of $132 million.

Structural repairs to decks, surfaces, underbellies and beams are some of the areas that will gain attention for the projects.

Repairs are expected to run through 2034, a massive work project that will produce at least 1,500 new jobs, based on estimates by the Allegheny-Fayette Labor Council.

“Over 150,000 men and women cross them in one day, living their lives,” said Darrin Kelly, president of the Allegheny-Fayette Labor Council. “How much commerce go over top of them? How many fire trucks protect people? How many ambulances?”

Roadways and other structures leading up to the bridges will also face repairs.

“A transportation network that can provide the span across these rivers, and to connect the communities necessary to make sure that the economy of this region and our state thrives,” Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation Mike Carroll said.

“These projects are costly, but they’re important for the entire region here in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County and we can’t put off these upgrades for too much longer,” Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Austin Davis said.

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