WPXI-TV: New technology could alert other drivers to prevent wrong-way crashes

What if there was a way to prevent wrong-way crashes?

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission says there were 15 wrong-way crashes just along Route 28 in the last five years.

New technology could detect drivers going the wrong way, and alert the other drivers on the road.

German technology company bosch has developed a cloud-based, wrong-way warning system, using GPS to spot and alert wrong-way drivers.

It can also warn other cars and cell phones nearby that have the bosch apps.

In Europe, bosch says it issued more than 600 alerts in one year.

The company is now trying to make the system more widely available.

Channel 11′s Jennifer Tomazic has taken an interest in wrong-way crashes and has looked into what technology we have in the Pittsburgh area to deter them.

We were the first to tell you that PennDOT is installing wrong-way detectors along almost two dozen ramps along Route 28.

It’s an intelligent transportation system, meaning sensors, detectors, and cameras will detect wrong-way drivers.

Automated alert signs will go off, to let the driver know they’re going the wrong way.

The traffic management center will get a notification, and they can put a “wrong-way driver” message on electronic highway signs to alert other drivers on the road.

The detectors will be installed between Pittsburgh and Harmar.

The project is supposed to start this summer and wrap up next year.

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