SmartMoves for a Changing Region is the Long Range Plan (LRP) for the 10 county Southwestern Pennsylvania region. SmartMoves establishes the Vision, Goals, and Strategies for the region and also lays out actions and potential implementation partners to advance the goals and strategies, to ultimately achieve the vision. The Regional Vision is a world-class, safe and well maintained, integrated transportation system that provides mobility for all, enables resilient communities, and supports a globally competitive economy. To achieve this vision, the LRP includes a list of projects currently within fiscal capacity and projects beyond the fiscal capacity. Scroll through this application to view the LRP transportation projects.

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Twenty-five road and bridge projects have been identified by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC)  as being under construction or in the planning and design stages in Lawrence County.

Those projects are expected to be underway or finished between this year and 2022.

Members of the 10-county regional agency, based in Pittsburgh, hosted a public open house Wednesday at the Lawrence County Government Center. Attendance was sparse at the session that featured maps and lists of projects — current and proposed — that have been divided into three categories. Those that are funded and will take place within 25 years, those currently under way or in design, and those that have no funding commitment yet.

One of the presenters, Andy Waple, director of transportation planning, explained that the SPC coordinates all of the transportation planning in southwestern Pennsylvania, working with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, county planning departments and transit authorities in each county. The agency lays out a mission, goals and policies of how state and federal transportation money will be used in the next 25 years, he said. 

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