Five years after the Green Building Alliance surveyed Pittsburgh area commuters about how they get to work, the answers have changed substantially, with more people using several ways each week, working or starting from home and using bikes or ride-share options.

“One of the largest takes is people commuting differently from day to day,” said Isaac Smith, data and performance director for the alliance. “They may drive two days a week, work from home one day and then take a bike. There’s a level of flexibility that’s growing in the workforce.”

The alliance — a group of more than 500 Downtown Pittsburgh building operators aiming for a 50% reduction in energy use, water consumption and transportation emissions by 2030 — released the results of last fall’s survey of more than 20,081 commuters during a Strip District event Thursday. It also announced it already reached its 2020 goal of a 20% reduction in those areas.

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Twenty-five road and bridge projects have been identified by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC)  as being under construction or in the planning and design stages in Lawrence County.

Those projects are expected to be underway or finished between this year and 2022.

Members of the 10-county regional agency, based in Pittsburgh, hosted a public open house Wednesday at the Lawrence County Government Center. Attendance was sparse at the session that featured maps and lists of projects — current and proposed — that have been divided into three categories. Those that are funded and will take place within 25 years, those currently under way or in design, and those that have no funding commitment yet.

One of the presenters, Andy Waple, director of transportation planning, explained that the SPC coordinates all of the transportation planning in southwestern Pennsylvania, working with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, county planning departments and transit authorities in each county. The agency lays out a mission, goals and policies of how state and federal transportation money will be used in the next 25 years, he said. 

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According to UN estimates, urban environments are responsible for 75 percent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. If we have any hope of staving off the worst effects of climate change, we need to start with our cities.

That’s where the 2030 District Challenge comes in.

This international challenge supports owners and managers of urban buildings in their goal to improve indoor air quality and achieve 50 percent reductions in energy use, water consumption and transportation emissions by the year 2030.

Pittsburgh, under the leadership of the Green Building Alliance (GBA), has answered the call with gusto.

With 528 properties representing more than 84 million square feet across Oakland, Downtown and the North Side, Pittsburgh’s 2030 District is the largest in the world.

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We’ve updated the SPC Regional Data Center “Visualize: SPC Tableau” with components of population change in the SPC Region. Our interactive Tableau dashboard now includes county population totals and components of change from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2018. The dashboard can display a variety of indicators and data comparisons by municipality, county, and region, based on user selections.

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